Main Uv printers
Model: UV printer A4 UV
UV A4 printer to print on the phone covers
UV-LED A4 printer to print on any material
Print UV-curable inks
Full color photo quality
Materials: glass, PVC plastic, steel, leather, wood
Print on materials up to 50mm
Working print area of ​​180 × 300mm
The color scheme CMYK + 2White

UV Printer A4 for printing on covers of cell phones and smartphones. A4 flatbed UV printer allows direct printing on materials up to 5cm in height. Printed reprint of this printer is the most resistant to abrasion and UV exposure.

Model A4UV
Size mm: 180×300
Type printheads Epson L800
Number of printheads 1
Height of printed products, mm Up to 50
A4 Max printing speed 10 min CMYK
Maximum Resolution, dpi 1440×1440
White ink (White) да
Color scheme CMYK+2White
Ink capacity 6 cans by 250 ml
Ink Type UV-curable
Software basic level
Max. workpiece weight, kg 15
Net / Gross Weight, kg 40/50
Dimensions, mm 650×470×430
Dimensions with package, mm 780×580×550
The noise level in dB Less than 50
Cost: The printer A4UV + AcroRIP (basic RIP), USD -
Cost: The printer A4UV + Rip (advanced RIP) -
Cost: WRip (separately) -
Key Benefits and Features:
A4 flatbed UVprinter, the maximum print format of 180×300mm
One printhead Epson L800
The color scheme CMYK + 2White
Print resolution up to 1440 × 1440dpi
The type of ink used: UV-curable
Maximum height of printed material up to 5 cm (2 inches)
Manual adjustment of the height of the material
LED-lamp power 50W water-cooled
Lamp life up to 30000 hours
Additional software WRip software:
the ability to print white substrate and the color image in a single pass of the table
the ability to print three layers in one pass when printing on transparent material and glass
Working with alpha channels and spot colors
3D-printing function
the possibility of reassigning channels
the possibility of building their own profiles and connections
Improved color rendering and linearization
WRip software is not included in the starting packaging
Basic accessories:
UV flatbed printer A4UV
High-quality entry-level RIP
The power cable, USB cable
Ink starter kit NOT included
WRip professional software in the starter kit is NOT included
Print technology:
material is placed on a desktop printer
distance to the material of the print head is set in the manual (2-3mm)
material needs no pretreatment
immediately after printing, the product is ready and does not require drying and varnishing
Cost of consumables:
The cost of ink CMYK (Taiwan) 500ml – 110 usd
The cost of ink White (Taiwan) 500ml – 120 usd
The cost of ink CMYK 250ml (China) – 55 usd.
The cost of ink White 250ml (China) – 60 usd
The cost of starter kit ink for 6 cans 250ml – 330 usd
the total amount of ink used when printing on A4 all colors (CMYK + White) – 0.25 usd
Model: A3 Tex Pro Textile Printer (brand SpringSun DFP)
print on light / dark T-shirts
Print white primer
Manual adjustment of height h / y
material heating system
Printing is performed in textile pigment inks
Print Speed ​​20 shirts per hour
6 CISS tanks for 100ml
The color scheme CMYK + 2White
Temperature Controller
Preheating two IR lamps
Textile Printer entry-level.
Equipped with manual lifting table, and a system of heating material.
The image is saturated and resistant to repeated washing.
Printer for printing on t-shirts, textile printer

Our Company offers equipment for direct printing on T-shirts, shirts, overalls cotton fabrics and 50% cotton. Printing is carried out on the textile printer using textile ink color scheme CMYK + White (print white ink on dark fabrics). For printing on dark T-shirt product previously applied primer. After printing, T-shirt placed in a thermal press and picture is fixed under the influence of temperature.

Using eight-channel Epson piezoheads allow to achieve high quality of the resulting image.

You can print white (White) and varnish (Gloss) in a single pass the desktop, using additional software. Special RIP allows you to adjust Inc.-limits and get precise color correction and building color profiles.

We offer textile printers from the following manufacturers:

  • Textile printer Azon Tex Pro - Made in Croatia, the printer is made on the basis of an inkjet printer Epson 4880 prints in color scheme CMYK + 4White. Distinctive feature – use of original unrefillable cartridges, which improves print head life. Also, the printer installed IR preheat the lamps to be imprinted shirts.
  • Textile printer SpringSun DFP - producing country, China, the printer prints in color scheme CMYK + 4White. The printer is equipped with a height sensor material and refilled cartridges. T fixed on the hoop desktop. As an option, the customer can select additional workers began to be printed on T-shirts and small print on the sleeves.

Application Epson printheads allows for high-resolution printing to print 1440dpii drawing lines and subtle elements.

Model A3 Tex Pro
Formate mm A3 329×500
Height of printed products, mm Up to 80
Max print speed A4, min 2
Maximum Resolution, dpi 2880×1440
White ink (White) yes
Textile ink CMYK yes
Ink capacity CISS - 6 100 ml containers
Ink type pigment
Software Acro RIP 8.1
The minimum size of the drop, PC 3,5
Permanent color scheme CMYK + 2White
Dimensions with packing, mm 1010×745×750
Dimensions of the printer, mm 880×630×500
Weight with package, kg 50
Net weight, kg 32
Price -

  • Installation work are not included in the cost of equipment
  • The price is based on a finding equipment warehouse in Moscow
  • Delivery to the customer's transport company separately.

Key Benefits and Features:
flatbed printer based on an ink jet printer Epson T1100
the color scheme CMYK + 2White
print resolution of 2880 × 1440dpi, the maximum print size A3 (329 × 500mm)
the type of ink used: textile pigment
Maximum height of printed material to 8cm
manual adjustment of the distance from the material to the print head
system of heating the material to a temperature controller
Connection to the computer via USB
Home accessories:
Tablet textile printer A3
CISS with containers (6 pieces) with capacity 100ml
Acro RIP 8.1 key
1 table + printed hoop (more features are possible on request)
The power cable, user guide
ink starter kit not included
Print technology:
T-shirt is placed on your desktop printer, smoothed and pressed hoops of starter kit
manually defined distance to the material with a special strap
expose the controller temperature to the desired value
fix the image in Thermo
Software AcroRIP 8.2
RIPs flatbed printers
Supports: Epson L800, L1800, r1800, r1900, r2000
Supports: Epson 4400, 4880, 7880, 9880
Supports: Azon QUV, QL, TexPro
Supports printing with white color
Supports external ICC - profiles
High resolution printing up to 2880 × 140dpi
Model AcroRIP 8.2
CMYK printing layer separately yes
Print layer separately White yes
Printing CMYK + White in one pass no
Print Gloss layer separately no
Print in 3D no
Reassigning channels no
Adjusting the white substrate yes
Maximum resolution, dpi 720×1440
Adjusting inklimit, % yes
UV inks UV-LED (Epson, Roland)
UV-LED ink, manufacture Taiwan
Compatible with the n / g Epson DX4, DX5
The color scheme CMYK, White
The presence of color profiles to ink
Power LED-lamps of 50W
Wavelength 385-395nm Lamp
High resolution printing up to 2880 × 140dpi
Shelf life after opening the cans 4 months (CMYK)
Shelf life after opening the cans 3 months (White)

UV-Led-curable inks are compatible with printers on the print head Epson DX4 and DX5.

High resistance of the printed impression to mechanical impact. When using White ink, be sure to use the ink recirculation system. Available ink volume 250ml cans and 500ml

Model TOP UV Epson
Type printhead Epson DX5
Wattage bulb from 50 W
The wavelength of the LED diode, nm 395
Shelf life after opening the cans, CMYK 4 months
Shelf life after opening the cans White 3 months
Color scheme CMYK White
Packaging, Jr 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml

Price is based on the finding of the equipment warehouse in Moscow.

Delivery to the customer of the transport company is charged separately.